Established in 1968, Maclay School has provided an unparalleled education and experience to students and families for over 50 years. Community, curriculum, faculty, and opportunities to be involved are just a few of the reasons why Maclay is so special.

Mission And Philosophy

Our Philosophy Statement: The philosophy has been in existence since the beginning of the school in 1968. Maclay School supports its students in fulfilling their potential academically, emotionally, physically, and artistically. Its purpose is:

  • to establish and maintain a curriculum designed to teach the liberal arts creatively.
  • to create a civilized community of learning guided by a dedicated faculty of superior qualifications.
  • to provide patient and understanding ways to challenge each student.
  • to engender by teaching and example self-discipline, hard work, integrity, and persistence at school and stimulate each student to inquire, learn, recognize obligations, develop self-respect, and understand others.
  • to build a meaningful spirit among students, parents, faculty, and community by faithful fulfillment of the Maclay School Mission and Philosophy.
  • to prepare well-balanced students able to meet the future challenges of higher education, service to others, and life, with wisdom and fortitude.


Maclay School resides on a 100 acre campus home to state of the art classrooms, meeting centers, athletic fields, and beautiful oak trees.