Athletic Clearance

Student Athletes (and their parents) must Update or Create the Student Profile on and submit a valid PHYSICAL (EL-2) form before they can practice.

Directions to Create or Update an Athletic PROFILE for participation in Maclay Athletics

This is to UPDATE an existing Profile, or START a Brand New Profile!

  1. Go to – Click on Florida. If you did this last year, just log in as directed.  If you are NEW to the system, you will first need to Register.  There is a quick tutorial video – this is encouraged, but NOT required!
  2. HOW TO REGISTER. If this is a first time Profile, you will need to register using a valid email username and create a password. You will also be asked to type in a code to verify you are human. DO NOT skip this step or your account will not activate!
  3. Next, Log back in using password you registered with and select Start Clearance
  4. Choose 2019-20 as the School Year & then choose MACLAY from list of schools menu.
  5. Next, choose ALL SPORTS – this is just to register your child, you are not actually committing your child to play every sport!
  6. Complete ALL of the required fields Beginning with Step 1: STUDENT Information
  7. Next, if you have a Current Physical that is signed and complete, you can Upload the EL-2 Form into the Profile. *** Please make sure that you upload the EL-2 into the PROFILE, NOT into the Document Library, otherwise the Athletic Director won’t be able to see it!

If for some reason you cannot upload the EL-2 pages into the PROFILE, simply scan the forms and email them to me – or just drop them off – and I will upload them for you.

  1. Next, you may choose to Upload any Proof of Insurance and the EL-3 forms, however this is NOT required! ONLY the EL-2 upload is required in this section!
  2. Next, Complete all required fields for Step 2: MEDICAL HISTORY & PARENT Info.
  3. Finally, after reading the EL-3 information, please complete ALL required fields for Step 3: ELECTRONIC SIGNATURES – “Sign” each section by clicking, and then your child should “sign” each of their sections. When you have “Signed” all of the forms, Click Submit.
  4. All of the data you enter will be electronically filed with Maclay’s Athletic Department for review. The student will be marked Cleared for Participation once all items are uploaded at which point you will receive an email notification.   You will also be notified 2 weeks prior to the expiration date for their physical.
  5. Any questions?  Please call Jake on Scherrer at 305-218-1325 (cell).

EL-2 Form – Click to Download