Maclay School Football Invests in Player Protection with New Smart Helmet Impact Monitoring Platform

 Marauders using sabermetrics in player protection with Riddell’s InSite Training Tool


Tallahassee, FL (May 1, 2019) – Today, the Maclay School football program took another step in player safety by investing in Riddell’s InSite smart helmet technology, which now includes InSite Training Tool (ITT). ITT is Riddell’s latest innovation in head impact monitoring technology and will now offer the Marauders the unique opportunity to use a sabermetric approach to athlete protection.

Riddell’s ITT technology is a web-based data center that builds player impact profiles, rich with information, that a coach may use to identify opportunities. These then can be used to proactively influence player behavior and reduce exposure to impacts through improved training techniques and practice plans.

“Now, more than ever, it’s our responsibility as football coaches, trainers and administrators to embrace new technological advances that enable us to proactively protect our athletes and ensure that they can continue to enjoy the game of football,” said Lance Ramer, head coach of the Marauders. “With the purchase of Riddell’s InSite Training Tool, we are following through on our commitment, offering our staff and players real and useful data that we believe will continue to make the game smarter.”

ITT is backed by millions of on-field impacts dating back to 2003. It uses InSite-equipped smart helmets to not only monitor and alert the sideline to significant impacts, but also to collect, consolidate and analyze nearly every head impact to learn and track specific behaviors by player, unit or team.

As football evolves toward a smarter, more intelligent game, ITT provides next-level intelligence that can assist coaches and staffs in improving the game, keeping Maclay athletes’ protection their number one priority.

The Maclay football program will be using the new ITT impact management program during their upcoming Fall 2019 season.

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